Parenting hacks-couple of useful tips I’ve picked up

As a first time parent you get given a lot of advice on how to make life easier or better for you and your Kid.

For the most part it can be total crap. Like how feeding them cup after cup after cup of water supposedly cures every ailment known to man.

Some of the most useful tips can come to you in spur of the moment and some can even be from posts on Facebook or YouTube videos!

My son is 1 now, so here are a few things I have picked up in the first 18 months.

Become the crazy bag person

Zip lock bags have become a typical resource in our house. They can be great for organising your nappy bag and protecting the spare clothes you pack for you’re LO. I always keep a zip lock bag with a pack of wipes and a few nappies in the car, I’ve lost count the amount of times my husband has left with our son but without the nappy bag, but now I know no matter what at least my poor boy isn’t stuck with a mucky bum till he gets home.

My mum also says nappy bags are a Godsend. You should always keep a little stash of them in the car and your bag. To store wet/dirty clothes till you get home, sick bags for car journeys and general rubbish bags to keep the car tidy.

Don’t like the stores? Mix your own!

I’ve struggled to find a decent snack and finger food for my boy, these ‘safari snacks’, ‘veggie puffs’ and ‘crisp crackers’ just don’t cut it for him anymore, he hates the safari snacks for I have no idea what reason and he’s had every flavor of the others (and there isn’t many) and of course kids hit that stage of ‘I’d rather have a cookie than a carrot stick’.

So I mixed something together myself, something sweet but full of good stuff, it turned out to be a great finger food, teaching him about texture and delicate eating, he now doesn’t tip the bowel over…all the time.

Multi grain cereal shapes, dried cranberries, raisins, dried pineapple, dried mango  and mini marshmallows.

Cookie cutters

When it comes to lunch times my son loves chocolate and banana sandwiches, but come cutting the crusts off all the filling squishes out the side. So instead I use a little cookie cutter to out small sandwiches the right size for little hands and stops all the filling squishing out the sides. And you can use different shapes to make their lunch more decorative. No need to spend out specifically on special  sandwich cutters.

Bottle cosy 

The thermos bottle cosy which can be very handy, doesn’t need to be retired when you switch to solid food. That little bag can fit a jar of food, small yoghurt and spoons, keeping the food nice and cool before feeding time.

Get a big bag

As they get older you realise you don’t need to pack 10 nappies for a supermarket trip, or an array of different toys, spare dummies and emergency bottles. You don’t need the nappy bag and a handbag if you’re taking  trip to town. So just pack one or the other and. And 1 toy will do.

Don’t spend out on a playpen. Your travel cot is a 3 in 1

1 you don’t need an expensive play pen, our trusty travel cots are good enough 3 uses in 1 piece of equipment

So I have a couple friends that spent out the money on expensive play pens and foam mats. But I just resort to my mums trick, and use a travel cot, my son plays in there when I need to know he’s somewhere safe while I cook or do other housework. That’s use number 1, 2 I use for naptime, clear out the toys and voilà. And use number 3, obviously, cot for travel.
Trust your judgement
At the end of the day you’re the one that knows best the way to handle things with your own child.

For example, I’ve had many people tell me that my son is too young for crayons, the boxes say 3+. However I don’t intend to just dump my kid with a box of crayons and go have a latte. It’s good opportunity to sit and do something that will benefit him later when he learns how to hold a crayon.

But if I always stuck by the ages written on toys my son would have nothing but Teddy’s. Instead, he has cars, trains, blocks, play sets. Things that are helping develop his motor skills. I’m not stupid, I don’t give him toys with things he can swallow or hurt himself with.

That’s it for now,



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